a. Who ‘we’ are that are being asked to write the curriculum? (Dr. Kenneth Sherman at NOAA)

b. For how many of the LMEs will this be for (Or will it be generically applicable to all LMEs)? Or maybe some generic, some specialized to particular LMEs? (Perhaps start with one as a prototype. Other thoughts on this?)

c. What grade level(s) is/are desired to be included? (Ideally, reach Elementary, Middle & High School...build upon each year...Assume, Elementary the students will learn ABC, Middle school they will learn DEF and high School will learn GHI...etc...Other thoughts on this idea?)

d. What is the time frame for developing this? (Good question, this is ad hoc at the moment. First, need to figure out exactly what Ken would like to see grow from this...and then how he envisions it. After that, I imagine we could write a grant for financial support...I do feel, we need to create a structured system on this now that there seems to be a good group of teachers who are very interested in this.)

e. What resources might be made available? (Basically, we are creating something out of nothing....and I believe that if we get organized on this with a game plan, [business plan] we can probably have a lot of resources made available to us...but first we need to have the scaffolding of the project, so we have a place to begin.)

f. Where/how will the curriculum be disseminated? Is it intended to be a general NOAA resource, or are there other, more specific customers for whom this is intended? (Good question. don't know yet...I do think if we make this a teacher-made & student-developed project with a game plan in mind it might soar better than if it just comes directly from a NOAA type organization..)