Cindy Rubin, in speaking with Dr. Kenneth Sherman who is the Director, U.S. LME and Dr. Marie-Christine Aquarone who is the Deputy Director, U.S. LME Program: They suggested that we begin with the reading outlined on "Where to Start" page.

Plusses to this program are the social aspects in dealing with different countries. Several countries that have had political conflicts with each other have been coming together for the common goal of recovering depleted fish stocks, restoring damaged habitats and reducing their coastal pollution because of something they all share in common: the viability of their needed food resources.

My understanding is that their vision is to create a curriculum that embraces the teaching of the three R's: Recovering, Restoring, and Reducing.

The timing of this happened when Cindy began an outreach to the NSTA list server community about technology in the classroom, eventually thinking: how cool it would be to create a global curriculum that wraps itself around the National Science Frameworks but using the learning about something so important like this Ecosystem Based Management program to restore global fishing...can only make the learning not only engaging but the understanding of how important and real it is creates a sense of urgency to learn..